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Welcome to our Holistic Wellness Center

We are dedicated to helping you experience a lifetime of good health!  When asked what distinguishes us from other Community Wellness Centers  our response is simple. It is our compassion and the wealth of knowledge our highly skilled and devoted professionals have that truly defines us.  Their commitment to advancing promising integrative health-care and their approach has earned the trust of patients, and their loved ones for

over 35 years. 

Angels In Waiting

Non-Profit 501(c)3 Charity

Through the Hearts & Hands of Nurses Miracles Occur...

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Our Founder

Linda Conforti RN

 Integrative Nurse Consultant & Auriculotherapy

Integrative Nurse Consultant Since 1995

A Bit About Me:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead

I started making a difference 35 years ago when I graduated from nursing school as a registered nurse in 1985.

In my 35+ years of nursing practice I have acquired a wide range of nursing experience from caring for 1lbs 24-week neonates in NICU units to working pediatrics, epidemiology, infusion clinics, PIC insertion nurse, radiology, and more. 

However, rescuing California's growing medically fragile foster care population has been the gale of wind under my wings to make an impact and a difference in our world.

In 2005 I created a 501(c)3 c non-profit named Angels In Waiting to rescue medically fragile infants and children who languish in our failing foster care system. In 2014 Angels In Waiting helped to create a California state law that gave nurses under a federally funded nursing program priority placement for California's medically fragile foster care population. I have witnessed first-hand the miracles that have occurred through the hearts and hands of our dedicated nurses who have and continue to save countless childhoods.

Botanical Medicine.

Botanical medicine has always been a desire, passion, and dedication of mine. It has helped many of the children in my care to flourish. 

Addition to my commitment to saving more babies' lives, it has always been my passion to help people heal themselves thru botanical and natural medicine. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to embrace both of my life passions. 

If you are suffering from a life-threatening illness or from debilitating symptoms please contact Linda for an Integrative Nurse consultation.

* Linda Is Currently Booked and Only Accepting Life Threatening & Debilitating Cases at this Time.  


with Patricia Smith DrPH, PHN, RN

Integrated Positional Therapy is a state of the art muscle energy and strain - counter strain technique used to release the body’s habitual holding patterns that over the years have lead to postural distortion, repetitive strain, stress, and muscle pain. It is a manual therapy that is gentle and non-invasive, designed to eliminate pain at its root cause and not just hide the symptom. IPT has shown to be effective in the treatment of chronic and acute muscular pain and for increasing range of motion.

The treatment includes a careful assessment and evaluation of posture followed by locating tender and stressed muscles and then applying counter strain to place the affected muscles in a position of comfort where the pain is released from the tender point. Positional Therapy achieves its benefits by resetting muscle spindles. Relief can be immediate and long lasting. A wellness plan is created together with the client to maintain results.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and a face covering. Contact your physician if you have any questions about participating in IPT.

For more information on the Albert Protocol for Muscle Pain Relief, visit *

Integrated Positional Therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. Your IPT practitioner does not diagnose illness or disease nor does she prescribe medications or recommend supplements. Any suggestions that may be provided should not be taken as a diagnosis or recommendation against the advice of a licensed physician or mental health professional.

Weekend Appointments Available Please Text or Call Me:

909 227-1614

[email protected]

Melissa Post, CPT

Personal Training Services

Fitness expert since 2004

One-on-One Personal Training involves a customized exercise and nutrition and stretching program created specifically for your physical body. Once an in person consultation is completed your sessions will include a one hour program that will include nutrition coaching and exercises that range from Balance, Flexibility and overall Strength Conditioning. Accountability truly does make a difference with incorporating the exercises your whole body needs on a daily basis. Starting a safe and effective exercise program simply begins with a complimentary consultation at the Community Wellness Center. 

*I Offer Personal One-on-One Fitness Sessions in a Clean Sanitized Room where Social Distancing is Obtain at All Times! 

Jeanie Yi Lee,C.Ht., NLP.P. 


Jeanie believes in the power of the BODY, MIND, HEART and SPIRIT. She also knows that to truly be healthy, happy and successful, all aspects of one’s being must be addressed and cared for.


On the MENTAL/MIND level, Jeanie uses hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help you explore the psychosomatic and psycho-immunological factors regarding any of your health challenges. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, she helps you recognize any limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from Optimum Health, Happiness, and Success. The work done here is on the SUBCONSCIOUS level. This healing is complementary to traditional medicine, including pre and post surgery, pain management and accelerated healing. Jeanie uses positive guided imagery to help eradicate fears, phobias, and unwanted habits. Not only are Hypnotherapy and NLP effective for the ailments of the physical body, they are also highly effective for improving relationships and goal setting. 


Therapeutic Massage 

by Erika Eickman

cmt, nmt, csmt, esmt

Therapeutic massage involves addressing deeper, more specific muscles of the body compared to a Swedish massage that is performed to provide relaxation. The therapist needs extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and addresses the joint range of motion limitations. Therapeutic modalities treat the soft tissues of the body with a combination of techniques that include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, tissue manipulation and mobilization. These techniques are aimed at correcting soft tissue imbalances and dysfunctions, enhancing range of motion, increasing blood flow, decreasing pain and healing time, and more. CBD oil can be added to any massage to enhance the reduction of inflammation and pain. Each clinical session is designed towards the client's specific therapeutic needs which are revealed through their physicians diagnosis, direct communication, instinctual, and energetic discovery. 


Animal Therapies

for our furry, feathery,

and four-legged loved ones

by Erika Eickman

cmt, nmt, csmt, esmt

Clinical Animal Massage & Reiki

for physical and mental pain management 


Animals benefit from touch just like we do!

But sports massage goes beyond the loving petting they get from you. This therapeutic treatment modality can alleviate pain by reducing inflammation & swelling in the joints, enhance range of motion, rid the body of harmful toxins, positively effect emotion & mental stability. It can be performed on most any animal, at any point in their life. From the athletic, even competing horse or dog to the retiring and beloved family pet.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Universal life force energy is channeled through the practitioner and applied in either a hands-on method or at a distance. Reiki treats body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Session lengths range due to size and compliance of the creature.


Trust Technique

for bringing peace of mind and healing along with greater connection 


The sensitive nature and unwavering honesty that animals cannot hide give aide to their healing process. The Trust Technique was designed to bring peace of mind to animals who have been abused, neglected, mistreated in any way. Behavioral issues such as excessive barking, aggressiveness with other dogs, discomfort with unfamiliar humans, dislike for being put on a leash, etc. come from past experiences, most likely in the very earliest stages of life. Animals have the capacity to go through an early life regression to release the fears that have molded their personalities. By going at the animal's pace and allowing listening to turn into learning, The Trust Technique teaches the animal how to find their way back to the peace they once knew and to the confidence they so deserve.

... anything can be accomplished.

This wonderful modality works hand-in-hand with massage to aid in the healing of the stressed animal.

Session lengths vary. CBD Oil for pets available upon request for an additional minimal fee.

Sammy's Bill

Providing Women More Options & Potentially Viable Fetuses A Fighting Chance At Life.

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