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Welcome to our Holistic Wellness Center

We are dedicated to helping you experience a lifetime of good health!  When asked what distinguishes us from other Community Wellness Centers  our response is simple. It is our compassion and the wealth of knowledge our highly skilled and devoted professionals have that truly defines us.  Their commitment to advancing promising integrative health-care and their approach has earned the trust of patients, and their loved ones for

over 35 years. 


Our  Amazing Healers 


Celestine (Celeste) Bryant SWII

Therapeutic Counseling & Psychotherapy Associate

I have been a Social Worker II since October 2016 and have worked with the Department of Behavioral Health and law enforcement assisting clients with crisis intervention since November 2016. 

 received my Masters of Social Work degree in 2017, and am currently registered as an Associate Clinical Social Worker with the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.

I am passionate about helping people and seek to encourage people to see the best in themselves. This is done through one-on-one therapy and/or group therapy depending on the individual’s needs. 

I have lived in Lake Arrowhead for 22 years and look forward to serving the community in which I live. 


Lisa Reavley



Mind, Body, Spirit Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work

Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to the power of human touch. When the family gathered, I would often be on the floor rubbing a family member’s foot and delighting in the praise but more importantly the genuine smile on their face. It took quite a few years into my adult life, meandering through a couple of different professions, until I circled back to the original idea, to touch people at the core of their being, to try and make a difference. 

In 2001 I graduated from the American Institute of Massage Therapy, with the national NCBTMB licensure (LMT).

Sure I can do Deep Tissue with the best of them but my “art” really shines when I do energy work.

In 2008 I took the step of becoming a Reiki Master and not only did that effect my massage practice, it had a profound effect on all areas of my life. I now practice what I call Metta Massage, the act of loving-kindness through the bodywork I do. I believe in treating Mind-Body-Spirit so my massage sessions are blended to include various styles of massage, energy work and the Graston Technique to help guide you back to your natural state of balance. 


Erika Eickman

Clinical Massage Therapist 

Clinical Massage for Pain Management and Injury Rehabilitation

When I was injured during track practice at Purdue University in 1985, I was introduced to the miracle of the cross friction technique of therapeutic massage.

It changed my life...

That life took a long detour but I always knew I would find my way back. 

I first studied massage at The Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating in 1998. In the first year I worked at 4 and 5-Star hotels; athletic events; conventions; concert venues; a yoga ashram;i n my home; and in the privacy of clients' homes. For the next 14 years I toured with international bands and musical artists. I was a member of the production crew for multiple acts but always included massage as part of my gig.

In 2012 I decided to come off the road and settle back into a grounded life, helping people with pain live better lives. Although I miss the travel...I will never look back.

I specialize in Clinical, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Massage for humans, horses and hounds.

I hold two credentials for human massage:

CMT - Clinical Massage Therapy;

NMT - Neuromusular Massage Therapy.


Erika Eickman

Animal Therapy Specialist

Pain and Flexibility Management and Trauma Recovery

Having been a human massage therapist for more than two decades, the time was finally right to study to work on animals. In 2015 I earned my certification from Equissage in Round Hill, Virginia.

I've had the pleasure to work with family pets; rescue organizations; ; sanctuary wildlife; and farm animals. I've helped with injuries, arthritis, flexibility, digestion, lethargy and peaceful transitioning, 

In 2016 I began my journey practicing The Trust Technique. Helping animals move past age old traumas through finding peace of mind is my greatest pleasure.

I absolutely love what I do...and working with horses and dogs has become my greatest passion.

I specialize in Clinical, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Massage for humans, horses and hounds. I hold two credentials for animal massage:

ESMT - Equine Sports Massage Therapy; CSMT - Canine Sports Massage Therapy.


Melissa Post

Personal Trainer & Weight Management Specialist

Strength and Flexibility Training and 

Wellness Coach 

I have been a Health and Fitness Trainer for over 15 years. I received my Certification as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise in 2001. Continued my education through Exercise ETC. specializing in PreNatal PostNatal Training, Senior Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Management. I am Currently in my graduate program at The Academy for Body, Arts and Science International studying the methods of Pilates. This passion of mine with coaching my clients led me to open my Personal Training Studio Perfection Fitness in 2004 and shortly after led me to be assistant trainer on ABC’s hit T.V show Extreme Makeover Weight loss edition in 2011. This experience opened many doors to continue to successfully help thousands of Men and Women transform their daily habits into healthier ones. When I’m not with clients you can find me on a hiking trail somewhere in Southern California or reading a book in front of the lake. My love for mountain living brought my family and I to Lake Arrowhead in the Spring of 2018 where we now live full time. As my company continues to operate down the mountain I’m enjoying meeting with clients at The Lake Arrowhead Pilates & Fitness Center and the A.I.W Community Wellness Center.

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