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Welcome to Hollistic Wellness Center

We are dedicated to helping you experience a lifetime of good health!  When asked what distinguishes us from other Community Wellness Centers  our response is simple. It is our compassion and the wealth of knowledge our highly skilled and devoted professionals have that truly defines us.  Their commitment to advancing promising integrative health-care and their approach has earned the trust of patients, and their loved ones for

over 35 years. 


Our  Amazing Healers 


Nancy Lappen  LCSW

Therapeutic Counseling & Psychotherapy

Asking for help is the first step to take in order to feel supported and confident with any change.

Building trust in a therapeutic alliance may be an initial challenge.

However, I welcome the opportunity to create a safe and confidential environment as you and I co-create a sense of fulfillment and increased esteem. You will become more accepting of yourself and your ability to convert what isn’t working into wellness.

I start with a bias: that you and all people are creative, resourceful and whole exactly as you are!

Personally I have been a therapist for 28 years, and a certified professional coach since 2003. Welcome to our new Community Wellness Clinic.


Celestine (Celeste) Bryant SWII

Therapeutic Counseling & Psychotherapy Associate

Celeste Bryant has been a Social Worker II since October 2016 and has worked with the Department of Behavioral Health and law enforcement assisting clients with crisis intervention since November 2016. Celeste received her Masters of Social Work degree in 2017, and is currently registered as an Associate Clinical Social Worker with the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs. Celeste is passionate about helping people and seeks to encourage people to see the best in themselves. This is done through one-on-one therapy and/or group therapy depending on the individual’s needs. Celeste has lived in Lake Arrowhead for 22 years and looks forward to serving the community in which she lives. 


Jeanie Yi Lee C.HT., NLP


On the MENTAL/MIND level, Jeanie uses the tools of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help her clients explore the psycho-somatic and psycho-immunological factors related to their challenges. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, she helps her clients see the root causes of their Challenges, helping them to be free of any limiting beliefs that are preventing them from Optimum Health, Love and Success. The work is done on the SUBCONSCIOUS level and is great complementary medicine to pre and post surgery, as well as to pain management, trauma-release work, and accelerated healing. Positive guided imagery reduces negative habits, patterns and programming. These problems can be eradicated through Jeanie's therapeutic treatment modalities. Hypnotherapy and NLP are additional interventions that are highly effective for goal setting and relationship development.

Linda West Conforti RN

Integrative Nurse Consultant

Emerging science and research have identified CBD medicine and other promising botanicals as the new frontier for integrative and medicinal treatment modalities. Cancer,  Chronic Pain,  and other debilitating health issues have been successfully treated by these new methodologies. Medical use of CBD and other cannabinoids has been deemed appropriate and recommended by numerous healthcare professionals. As an integrative nurse advocate I'll work shoulder-to-shoulder with your physicians. I will blend  botanicals from the Amazon rainforest, medicinal mushrooms, and numerous  complementary treatment modalities to help  you obtain  optimal health. Please don't hesitate to visit me at the new Community Wellness Center  freely discuss your immediate health concerns. 


Tina Rae

Licensed Esthetician

Anti-Aging & Facial Rejuvenation

Tina Rae is a licensed Esthetician in California. She attended the

Salon Success Academy and received her license in the summer of 2006.

She has an ongoing and eager thirst to further her education in the latest facial trends, Body Sugaring, and use of other modalities.

Tina Rae’s unique approach provides alternative ways of slowing down the aging process as well as fighting and protecting the skin from free radical damage.

With her combined Therapeutic knowledge, clients are experiencing maximal results in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

With your treatment using deep cleansing and exfoliation combined with a Professional peel and aromatherapy, you will experience a soothing and relaxing facial that will truly leaving you coming back for more. 


Erika Eickman

Clinical Massage Therapist 

Pain Management Therapeutic Massages with CBD Oil

Clinical massage involves addressing the deeper muscles of the body compared to a relaxation massage being performed with a very light touch on the surface of the skin. The therapist needs extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and addresses the joint range of motion limitations. Clinical massage treats the soft tissues of the body with a combination of techniques that include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, mobilization, and hydrotherapy. The massage aimed at correcting soft tissue imbalances and dysfunctions.  The therapeutic modality used and preference of the client, cream or CBD oil is applied to the undraped portion of the body. Each clinical session is designed towards the client's specific therapeutic needs which are revealed through their physicians diagnosis,  direct communication, instinctual, and energetic discovery. 


Erika Eickman

Animal Clinical Sports Massage Therapist

Pain and Flexibility Management

for our furry, feathery, and four-legged loved ones

Animal Sports Massage


Animals benefit from touch just like we do!

But sports massage goes beyond the loving petting they get from you. This therapeutic treatment modality can alleviate pain by reducing inflammation & swelling in the joints, enhance range of motion, rid the body of harmful toxins, positively effect emotion & mental stability. 

It can be performed on most any animal, at any point in their life. From the athletic, even competing horse or dog to the retiring and beloved family pet.

Session lengths range due to size and compliance of the creature.

Erika has been a human massage therapist

since  1998,

and an animal

massage therapist

since 2015.